Eco-friendly textile processing


Cekal offers a wide variety of enzymes for many applications

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Textile Chemicals and Dye Auxiliaries


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Fixing  Agents



Dye bath auxilaries

Garment Processing

Flame Retardants


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Preparation Scours
• Non-Ionic and Anionic Scours
• Environmentally friendly solvent scours

Bleaching Assistants
• Peroxide and Alkali neutralizer.
• Peroxide Bleach Stabilizers, Activators and Accelerators
• Iron and hardness chelates.

• Acid stable silicone based defoamer.
• Emulsified silicone based defoamer.
• Mineral oil based defoamer.

• Anionic and Nonionic

• Caustic Stable Lubricating Penetrants


Acid Donors
• Phosphate free Acid Donor Carriers
• Environmentally Friendly carrier for polyester.

• Blend of sequestering agents for iron and hard water during dyeing process. Hardness dispersing properties.
• EDTA for iron and hard water during dyeing process.
• Sodium Hexametaphosphate water softener.


• Non-foaming surfactant blend for deaerating and penetration for dyeing cellulosics and blends.


• Acid stable silicone based defoamer for dyebaths.
• Emulsified silicone based defoamer for dyebaths.
• Non-silicone mineral oil based defoamer for dyebaths.


• General purpose dispersant for dyeing. • Low foaming leveler/dispersant for cotton dyeing. Dyebath Compatabilzer
• Non-ionic complexing agent to prevent co-precipitation of anionic and cationic compounds and dyestuffs. Leveling Agents
• Cationic leveler for dyes on acrylic, modacrylic and polyester.
• Cationic retarder for dyes on acrylic, modacrylic and polyester.
• Retarding and migrating leveler for nylon and wool.
• Migrating leveling agent for nylon and wool.
• Migrating leveling agent for dyeing cellulose.
• Migrating and retarding agent for dyeing cellulose.
• Leveler/carrier blend for high temp migration, dispersion and swelling of polyester fibers. Liquid Alkali
• Mild alkali pH buffer for dyeing and other processes.

• Low cost Fiber to metal non-ionic lubricants.
• Fiber to fiber non-ionic for crease marks and abrasion.
• Dual function anionic for knit goods.
• Dual function emulsified fatty based non-ionic for synthetics and blends.
• Special blend oil based lubricant for trimer elimation in polyester dyeing.

Machine Cleaners
• Solvent Scours
• Anionic Reagents designed to strip cationic fixing agents
• Solvent and non-ionic emulsifiers for machine cleaning

• Opticals for cotton, synthetics and blends.
• Special effects pigments Post Scours
• Low Foaming Surfactant for Reactive Dyes.
• Dye Affinitive Agents for Synthetic Fibers.

Reducing Agents
• Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate reducing agent.
• Buffered hydrosulfite for reducing and stripping.
• Thiourea Dioxide based reducing agent.
• Sodium Borohydride based reducing agent

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• Batch anti-migrant used to prevent migration of direct and acid dyestuffs prior to aftertreatment or drying.

Fixing Agents
• Direct Dye Fixes – With and without Formaldehyde
• Reactive Dye Fixes – With and without Formaldehyde
• Acid Dye Fixes for Nylon and Wool
• Chlorine Resistant Fixes for Direct or Reactive Dyes


Anti-Static Agents
• Cationic Anti-stat for natural and synthetic fibers
• Anionic Anti-stat for natural and synthetic fibers

Flame Retardants
• Durable Flame Retardants for Cotton and Blends
• Non-Durable Flame Retardants for Polyester and latex coating.

• Self cross-linking polyurethanes
• High Durability Low Formaldehyde Glyoxal Resins
• Acrylic Binders

• Cationic Hydrophobic Wax Base Emulsions
• Nonionic Hydrophobic Wax Base Emulsions
• Anionic Hydrophilic Softener for Needle Cutting
• Nonionic/Cationic Wax Base Blends
• Polyethylene Emulsions
• Hydrophobic Silicone Micro and Macro Emulsions
• Hydrophilic Silicone Micro Emulsions
• Exhaustible Micro Silicone Emulsions

Soil Release Agents
• Combination Fluoro-chemical stain guard and release
• Non-Fluorinated Soil Release

Water and Oil Repellants
• Hydrophobic Silicones
• High and Low Temp. Fluorinated Water Repellents
• Wax Based Non-Durable Repellents
• Non-Fluorine Polymer Repellents

Wicking Agents
• Polyester Based Wicking Agents for synthetics
• Catalyzed Polyester Based Wicking Agents for synthetics


Pigment Binders
• Anionic Multi-Functional Binders
• Non-Ionic Multi-Functional Binders

Special Effects Coatings
• Soft Lamb Skin Coatings for Garment Applications
• 3D Effect Coatings for Garment Applications
• Special Pigment Binder Coatings
• Metallic, Glass and Synthetic Pearl Effects
• Semi Durable – Wax Emulsions
• Hand Modifiers
• Dimensional Stability
• Anti-Pilling – Anti-Abrasion
• Fiber Durability Enhancement

Garment Processing

• Desizing
• Enzyme Treatments
• Scouring Products

• Pre-Cationization products Binders
• Anionic and Nonionic Binders for Pigment Fixation Resins
• Especially modified Amide Resins for Garment effects and dimensional stability

Anti-Backstain Agents
• Polymers for Synthetics
• Surfactants for Cotton Corosion Inhibitor
• Anionic concentrate product that protects zippers and fasteners from corrosion during processing.

Special Effects
• Special product to give antique cast to abraded denim garments.

Institution and Industrial Laundry

Laundry Detergents
• Low Alkali Liquids
• Low Alkali Powder Detergent with and without enzymes
• High Alkali Detergents Softeners
• Exhaustable Hydrophilic

Silicone Softeners
• Exhaustable Hydrophobic

Non-Silicone Softeners

• Cellulase for Bio-polishing
• Multipurpose enzymes for Stain, Blood, Oils, Fats and Starch removal from Fabrics and for Drain Cleaning.

Anti-Redeposition Aids
• Anti-redeposition aids for dyes and oils. Corrosion Inhibitor
• Anionic concentrate product that protects zippers and fasteners from corrosion during laundering.