Anti-Static Agents
• Cationic Anti-stat for natural and synthetic fibers • Anionic Anti-stat for natural and synthetic fibers

Flame Retardants
• Durable Flame Retardants for Cotton and Blends
• Non-Durable Flame Retardants for Polyester and latex coating.

• Self cross-linking polyurethanes
• High Durability Low Formaldehyde Glyoxal Resins
• Acrylic Binders

• Cationic Hydrophobic Wax Base Emulsions
• Nonionic Hydrophobic Wax Base Emulsions
• Anionic Hydrophilic Softener for Needle Cutting
• Nonionic/Cationic Wax Base Blends
• Polyethylene Emulsions
• Hydrophobic Silicone Micro and Macro Emulsions • Hydrophilic Silicone Micro Emulsions
• Exhaustible Micro Silicone Emulsions

Soil Release Agents
• Combination Fluoro-chemical stain guard and release
• Non-Fluorinated Soil Release Water and Oil Repellants
• Hydrophobic Silicones
• High and Low Temp. Fluorinated Water Repellents • Wax Based Non-Durable Repellents
• Non-Fluorine Polymer Repellents

Wicking Agents
• Polyester Based Wicking Agents for synthetics
• Catalyzed Polyester Based Wicking Agents for synthetics


• Pigment Binders
• Anionic Multi-Functional Binders
• Non-Ionic Multi-Functional Binders Special Effects Coatings
• Soft Lamb Skin Coatings for Garment Applications
• 3D Effect Coatings for Garment Applications
• Special Pigment Binder Coatings • Metallic, Glass and Synthetic Pearl Effects
• Semi Durable – Wax Emulsions • Hand Modifiers
• Dimensional Stability
• Anti-Pilling – Anti-Abrasion
• Fiber Durability Enhancement